Fiksu Apps

Fiksu means “Smart” in Finnish. Fiksu apps are a series of apps for smart daily life.

  • Fiksu Counter is a smart tally counter. You can count things faster than ever. It can count up to 400 times in a minute. Not only faster, counting can be smarter. Countings will be logged. When user reset the counter, a counted number will be recorded. It can be copied to the clipboard in CSV format.
  • Fiksu calc is a calculator app for everyday use.
    1. Smart memory buttons. : You can keep calculation result on smart memory button “M1″,”M2”, and “M3”. Simply press button to remember and press it to use it. To clear, double tap. To clear all buttons, long tap.
    2. Copy result: You can copy calculation result and paste it into another application.
    3. Function page: advanced function such as constants, the square root is on next page. Just swipe up or down to use these functions.
    4. Tip and tax tool: Set a tax (or tip) and make a quick tax(tip) calculation with tax or without tax from a result. You can set a new rate after clearing by double tapping.
    5. Result in voice: tap result and you can hear the result in voice.
    6. Calculation log: review past result. tap to copy a result to the calculator.